Graphic tees are 1 of the few things that are still worth collecting. Unlike shoes, a t-shirt trend is almost never repeated, making each current shirt unique and every shirt to come a product of every past trend. Here is our list of the top 10 graphic tees of 2011.

1. Black Means- Custom print tee with enlarged collar.

2. Neil Barrett- Dollar Print (High Quality DTG print). Retail Price- $307

3. Maison Martin Margiela- Patchwork Tee. Retail Price- $225

4. Deth Killers- I Love You Tee. Retail Price- $87

5. Comme Des Garcons- Beatles Tee. Retail Price- $145

6. Marc Jacobs- Nature Tee. Retail Price- $98

7. Neil Barrett- Duck Tee. Retail Price- $245

8. Reason Clothing- Dope Tank. Retail Price- $35

9. Marc Jacobs- Police Camera Tee. Retail Price- $85

10. UNIF- God Hates Tank. Retail Price- $62